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Adrian Garelik

CEO, Flixxo

I´m always looking for trends in technology, not from a technical approach but from a creative one. I´ve been running video streaming applications and online games since 1998, founding and In 2014 after learning about Bitcoin and when looking for a new way of distributing video on internet, I´ve put together (and been part of) the team that developed RSK, a smart contracts platform on top of Bitcoin. After two years in charge of RSK´s branding and communication I decided to move back to video distribution. This time, using the technologies developed on RSK, and teaming with the guys behind Popcorn Time, we´ve founded Flixxo, a social economy based on video sharing.

I´m also a script writer and film producer (“To fool a thief”, film 2013. “Bounded”, TV show 2015, “Unsubscribe”, film 2018)