Margaux Avedisian is also Founder of Bitcoin Capital Partners. She is a Bitcoin and digital currency advisor/consultant. She educates individuals and financial institutions about Bitcoin, and facilitates deals to buy large quantities of it. Early on, Margaux became involved with Bitcoin businesses by relaunching the first American Bitcoin exchange, Tradehill.

At Tradehill she spearheaded the company’s expansion by raising money, hiring key employees including the CFO, and writing detailed client policies and procedures. Following her work at Tradehill, Margaux was approached by Alphapoint, another Bitcoin exchange, to join as CEO and Co-Founder until they pivoted to an exchange licensing company. Currently, she is active in the remittance market focusing on math-based protocol and currency Ripple. Before Bitcoin she worked on QA for Google for over four years and co-founded a couple of companies, including the social music app TuneTug. She has a BA from Mount Holyoke College and an MFA from Academy of Art, and is a featured star in the Bitcoin documentary, the Rise and Rise of Bitcoin.

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