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Past Presentations

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The Psychology of the Network in P2P and IoT Blockchain Transaction

Presented by Alyse Killeen, Early Stage Venture Capital Investor

Cryptocurrency Mining: The Things You Need to Be a Successful Miner

PRESENTED BY Harry Yeh, Managing Partner at Binary Financial

How to Successfully Introduce Bitcoin to Your Friends

PRESENTED BY David Silva Smith, Owner of Profit from Bitcoin

Value Network: The Free, Instant and Global Payment

PRESENTED BY Justin Sun, Chief Representative, Greater China, at Ripple Labs, Inc

Crypto Startup Ecosystem: The Emergence of a New Funding Paradigm

PRESENTED BY Eddy Travia, Co-founder & Chief Startup Officer at Seedcoin

Altcoins: Evolution and Future: Key Aspects for Success

PRESENTED BY Rodolfo Angragnes, VP at Fundacion Bitcoin Argentina

Crowd Computng

PRESENTED BY Craig Sellars, CTO Mastercoin

Why Bitcoin Is Important for the World

PRESENTED BY Roger Ver, Angel Investor

Decentralized Applications

PRESENTED BY David A. Johnston, Managing Director at BitAngels Fund

How Bitcoin Can Pave the Way for a Free Society

PRESENTED BY Aaron Koenig, Founder & Organiser of Bitcoin Exchange Berlin

Cryptocurrency Opportunities in Southeast Asia

PRESENTED BY John Kim, Managing Partner at Amasia

Merchant On-Ramp for Digital Currencies

PRESENTED BY Steve Beauregard, CEO of GoCoin

Respecting Regulation

PRESENTED BY Jake Benson, CEO & Founder of Libra Services, Inc.

Building 100 Million Hardware Wallets

PRESENTED BY Steven Sprague, CEO of Rivetz