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We are looking to collaborate with volunteers who want to work with our awesome team at our event. Interested? Say hello and we’ll get in touch.

Our team, our business, our partners, and our associates in host cities are equally important to us. d10e volunteers (or delegates as we like to say) are special individuals. We only work with passionate, curious, positive, capable, and professional problem-solvers. If you love what we’re doing and want to help, let us know if you’re interested in event promotions, operations, sponsor assistance and support or event logistics.


  • Students, makers and dreamers excited about decentralization and disruptive technology and culture
  • Volunteers seeking stimulating and unique opportunities that provide real experience
  • Professional experience preferred
  • You have to care
  • You have to be passionate
  • You have to want empowerment
  • You have to empower

Perks and Rewards

  • Work with awesome people!
  • Full event pass
  • Complimentary coffee, breakfast and lunch
  • d10e event Delegate Certificate
  • Recommendation from event managers (if requested)
  • Networking opportunities with people from the most innovative sectors
  • New friends from all over the globe

* d10e does not cover lodging or transportation to and from the city where events are organized.



Motivation *

Activities *

Please select the activities you would like to get involved in, based on your skills and preferences.

Arrival (Airport Pick-up, transportation to Hotel, etc.)Opening CocktailRegistration DeskLogisticsMedia Relations

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