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Dragos Roua


“Dragos Roua is a serial online entrepreneur, author and ultra-runner. He cofounded one of the most important Romanian hubs, Connect Hub and he is currently involved in a few cryptocurrency projects. When he’s not working on his startups, or when he’s not running ridiculously long distances, he enjoys traveling and good food.”

“Hubcoin – A crypto-currency for pico-economies deployed in hubs, online communities or guilds.After 2 and a half year of witnessing real life transactions that couldn’t be mapped on a traditional economical model, in hubs, online communities or guilds, Dragos Roua decided to take advantage of the emerging crypto-currency technologies and implement a currency that will sustain that model. Named Hubcoin, by lack of other suitable name, obviously, the currency aim at creating a sustainable, transparent and resistant currency that will enable business processes in pico-economies.”