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Jacob Dienelt is the founder of Immutable Data Partners, distributed ledger, blockchain, and smart contracting technology consultancy.
While becoming involved in the bitcoin space in 2013, founded a paperwallet company, a mining farm that had 1.5% of the bitcoin network (Three Petahash at the time),and consulted with various groups, banks, and even the central bank of Cyprus.
During this time Mr. Dienelt was at the tail end of an eight year stint with Morgan Stanley where he was a complex products, derivatives, and futures trader – focused on volatility.

Departing Morgan in 2014, Mr. Dienelt joined Factom as their CFO. Additionally he took a position with itBit, where he served as its Blockchain Architect and Blockchain Strategy Officer and was involved in the creation of Bankchain; itBit’s proprietary, next generation clearing and settlement system. Mr. Dienelt is listed as an inventor on the patent for itBit’s OTs technology, and implementation system to allow cryptographic ledgers to move fiat currency.
Mr Dienelt graduated from Kenyon College in 2003, majoring in Game Theory. Mr Dienelt was a member of the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity, the rugby team, the chess team, and guest wrote for the Kenyon Collegian – the school newspaper.
Mr. Dienelt is an active patron of the arts, and is a board member and treasurer of the Savage Family Ranch. The Savage Family Ranch is an LGBTQ artist collective and animal rescue in Temecula, California.