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Jae Kwon doesn’t usually speak in the third person, but somehow it makes sense on LinkedIn.

Jae Kwon is a blockchain software architect and cofounder of Tendermint.

After graduating from Cornell in 2005 with a B.S. degree in computer science, he worked as a professional developer in Silicon Valley, including at Alexa, and at Yelp where he led the mobile application development team. He also cofounded iDoneThis, a productivity service.

Jae has worked on numerous open-source projects, including a CoffeeScript compiler/interpreter written in Javascript, an end-to-end encrypted email system called Scramble.io, and a cryptocurrency exchange. These projects were inspired by the cryptopunk hacker ethos, which ultimately led to the current work with Tendermint.

Jae has been working on a project he created in 2014, called Tendermint. He invented and refined the Tendermint consensus algorithm with the aim of liberating the blockchain from the costs and drawbacks of proof-of-work mining. His mission is to make this technology more accessible, in order to accelerate the adoption of decentralized ledger technology.