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Martin Koppelmann

Founder of Gnosis

Martin Köppelmann has been an entrepreneur and thought leader in the blockchain space for more than 3 years. He is the founder of the biggest Bitcoin prediction market, Fairlay, but has shifted his focus to Ethereum and co-founded the decentralized Gnosis prediction market – the first bigger DAPP that went live on Ethereum. Closely related to prediction markets is his work on decentralized market driven governance mechanisms: Futarchy.

Beyond the entrepreneurial activity Martin has done research on the economic incentive structure of different consensus mechanisms and scalability solutions via state channels. Martin co-hosts the Ethereum meetup groups in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Finally, Martin is well known for his work and research on “basic income on the blockchain: Circles” – a new currency built on top of Ethereum that aims to implement a basic income as monetary policy.

Jacob is able to combine a deep technical knowledge with an affinity for the business side as well as knowledge of regulatory challenges.

Besides blockchain and cryptocurrency Jacob is specialized in digital identity, electronic signatures and online payments.