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Miklos is an innovations-hunter, enthusiastically looking for new ideas and solutions that can make the world better; he also invests his resources into these projects.
He believes everybody can be a winner of the current digital transformation, merely as a citizen of this globe, or as an active user.
Based on the knowledge gathered from his three degrees in economics, his 17 year experience in banking, insurance and investment industry, he foresees that the next digital breakthrough is round the corner in the financial sector. He has found his passion in Fintech, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency world; he has been working on revitalizing this industry. Mike is an innovator, an early adaptor with good communication and proven sales skills. As a Pioneer of CORION Platform he obsessively focuses on the upcoming objectives to make the world a better place with appealing financial prospects. He has a high teachability index, admirable perseverance, and willingness to improve himself.
Miklos is a traveler, a dog fun, lives by Balaton, the biggest warm lake in Europe.He enjoys Innovation, Investment, Business, Digital money, Life-long Learning, Travelling & Impact 500m people.