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Randy Hencken

About This Project

Randy is the cofounder of Blue Frontiers, a startup developing seasteads – semi-autonomous floating communities – that will be stationed in a special economic zone in the protected waters of a host nation. Randy has been the pragmatic Executive Director of The Seasteading Institute, a nonprofit think-tank promoting the development of new societies with new governments at sea. On behalf of The Seasteading Institute, Randy signed an agreement with the government of French Polynesia on January 13, 2017, to establish the first seasteading pilot project with a “special governing framework” in a protected lagoon. Blue Frontiers is collaborating with the French Polynesian government and is in talks with other nations to create “seazone” legislation, and to develop the first seasteads in the next few years. Blue Frontiers will fund the development of the seasteads and seazone through the sale of the cryptocurrency Varyon.