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Xavier Hawk


Hermes Global Partners

Xavier Hawk is an entrepreneur, block-chain expert, permaculture design expert, complementary currency consultant, renewable energy advocate, artist, and humanitarian.
Key highlights in Xavier’s career include founding Permacredits, a vanguard digital currency whose main architecture provided solutions for a range of economic based challenges including universal basic income, and a commons owned stable priced digital trade currency, while fostering growth in the clean energy, sustainable housing, and regenerative agriculture sectors. The success of Permacredits led to Xavier becoming C.E.O. and founding partner of Hermes Global Partners- alongside the chief architect of the Euro’s convergence and exchange mechanisms, Bernard Lietaer.
A keen speaker and advocate of sustainability projects, humanitarian causes, and complementary currencies, Xavier has shared his vision and expertise across a range of key media platforms around the world, including; magazines, radio and television.

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