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Randolph Hencken

Executive Director, The Seasteading Institute

Randy has been the pragmatic Executive Director of The Seasteading Institute since 2012, and is now the CEO of the spin-off company Blue Frontiers. He has spearheaded the Floating City Project since 2013 when he determined that merging seasteading goals with startup city methods was the most practical first steps for the seasteading movement. On behalf of The Seasteading Institute Randy signed an MOU with the president of French Polynesia on January 13, 2017, to establish the first seasteading pilot project with a “special governing framework” in a protected lagoon. The Institute and Blue Frontiers expects to have passed “seazone” legislation in French Polynesia by the end of the year, to begin operations in Polynesia in 2018 and to develop the first floating islands by 2020.