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Thomas Hulbert


As a language artist and idea marketer , I’ve had the great good fortune to leverage my interest in the humanities and my people skills into personal coaching for career development and consulting for corporate communication and startups. I found my groove in Russia where people are eager to learn and have built lasting relationships with my my clients – individuals and small enterprises.

Recently I’ve been invited to work with the founders (yes, former clients!) of the Papyrus Foundation, a next generation decentralized digital advertising market built on Ethereum blockchain. I’ve been touring with them and learning about the potential for advertising in the coming blockchain age.

I maintain my private enterprise, American Language Consulting, with two main services.

MBA & Graduate Admissions Consulting
Creative Consulting for Careers, Startups and Marketing

I’ve been helping ship Russian and CIS candidates to top schools worldwide for more than 15 years. Along the way, I’ve built a fantastic network of leaders, creators, startuppers, finance and marketing professionals and had the great privilege of being called into battle with great people, their projects and development goals. I’ve gained huge perspective on career development, cross cultural communication and a particular feel for what Russian and CIS professionals are are capable of achieving. I’m impressed!

I’m a fan of Marshal McLuhan and educationalists like Ken Robinson and I believe the future of careers is all about cutting through buzzwords and prefabricated opportunities and discovering one’s own voice and creative qualities. I don’t think anyone can change the world without first knowing themselves and my greatest joy is being that guy at the elbow of the world to provide personalized language and creative support services to enrich the lives of others directly, without unnecessary layers of commercial structure.